At Legendary we obsess over nail trends all day so you don't have to!  We find the hottest trends and have categorized nail art so you know pricing before you visit us.   

Why Categorize? 

Many of our Legends expressed the sheer quantity of designs out on social media leave them feeling overwhelmed when they arrive to the salon.  Browse through our always evolving nail art look book to draw inspiration, or check our Instagram for upcoming trends.  

Many salons will list nail art as a flat fee when booking... but pricing is adjusted at the end of a session, leaving clients wondering how much their designs will cost the next visit.  

We've removed the pricing guesswork so every Legend is empowered with their options and knowledge.  

Custom Art

We love custom art work! Email us for full custom design pricing. We can even create a custom design based on your inspiration photos, desired colors, or anything that sparks an idea. Please submit your nail design ideas to us at