Welcome to the most Legendary nails in Chicago. Our top nail technicians deliver cutting edge nail services, like gel overlay and Gel-X, using the highest sanitization standards, including a medical grade autoclave at every Legendary location. 

Our manicures do not include any soaking of your nails in water. All nail services include consultation on color, shape and style, with e-filed cuticle perfection to create the longest lasting mani or pedi possible. As part of our commitment to excellence, we will fix any chips in no-chip, gel overlay or Gel-X manicures for free within 10 days of your service.

Take your nail service to the next level with nail art—visit our Nail Art page to learn about nail art time and pricing levels.

Legendary Manicures: Natural & Lacquer

Service includes: Nail trim and shaping, cuticle perfection, choice of regular nail lacquer by OPI, The GelBottle or Peaci.